chain of reasoning

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Of course," he said to himself, as though a logical, continuous, and clear chain of reasoning had brought him to an indubitable conclusion.
Surely my whole chain of reasoning cannot have been false.
It is possible that I may have to ask your company and assistance upon a small expedition which will have be undertaken to-night, if my chain of reasoning should prove to be correct.
This ridiculous chain of reasoning resulted in a suspended sentence of 21 months in prison for KeneE-.
Assuming his reluctant chain of reasoning to be correct, Smith becomes logically certain of the identity of the killer's next intended victim.
It might begin with the observation that the reasoning concerning the Commerce Clause in Part III-A and Part III-D of Justice Roberts's opinion is necessary to the chain of reasoning that produced the outcome, because absent the Commerce Clause reasoning, Roberts would not have even reached the tax power issue.
The following chain of reasoning is suggested to explain why monetary policy is not so effective because of large oil imports.
But we had to judge a complex case based on circumstantial evidence - an argument that wove a web of seemingly small, unrelated items of evidence into a chain of reasoning leading to a guilty charge.
Then we introduced this term into a chain of reasoning in which you take its square root.
This means they must be able to clearly understand the chain of reasoning the system used in arriving at its conclusions.
Hogan's chain of reasoning will win the grudging respect of Darwinist and creationist alike.
But we need to know if a complete chain of reasoning makes sense and does not contain errors of reasoning.