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The unit's aim is to highlight the role that chance events play in career development and to prepare students to ride and embrace the wave of constant change.
What is implied is that by a chance-event Oedipus successfully faced the Sphinx, a chance event which is a fortunate one only in appearance, given that it marks the downfall of the king and, with him, the demise of the community, as well (my italics).
He explains that his curiosity was aroused by a chance event while visiting a ruined temple by the Nile.
It is especially worrying that White Australia Defied, which has scholarship written all over it, only got beyond the dissertation stage by the chance event of Mercer's undergraduate professor having a local history publishing program.
11,12) For example, a health professional who restrains an elderly patient at risk of failing, primarily because of fear of litigation due to the chance event of a harmful fall, practices in a way counter to the basic tenets of geriatric standards of care.
These new findings demonstrate that our original discovery was not a chance event," said Dr.
Your first dream suggests you unexpectedly experienced this feeling and felt it was a chance event.
The Dance Pe Chance event takes place in two parts - a free afternoon of Bollywood dance workshops from 2pm - 4pm and an evening showcase of talent at 7.
Most commonly though it is simply a tragic, chance event.
In contrast, we have the various atheistic views of a natural history and their presuppositions: (1) that the world as we know it originated out of chaos by a chance event which produced matter and all its forces, (2) that all life forms originated out of non-life by chance without any external agent being involved, (3) that second causes or secondary causes do not require a primary to explain any of the events or existence of things living or non-living in the world, (4) that through the super-fecundity of living things, mutation, and natural selection can explain the existence of all the variations of life, as we know it, and (5) that a rational God would create a world without evil or suffering.
Students are given 'chance cards' containing a chance event as outlined in Table 1 on p.
This chance event lets someone else do the choosing.