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Stay in touch - Be sure to inform your banK, employer and friends that you're about to change address to avoid missing any important post or dropping off Christmas card lists
Judge Bolton said: "If you want to change address, either temporarily or permanently, you must inform the court otherwise you will be in breach.
Rip-offs include sky-high interest rates when paying by monthly instalments and charges of up to pounds 50 when drivers change address, switch cars, ask for a copy of their policy or cancel it.
Helen Weir, group executive director of UK retail banking at Lloyds TSB, said: "As customers change address, open multiple accounts and their circumstances change, despite our best efforts to keep in touch, it's surprisingly easy for them to lose track.
Forgetting to change address with utilities, credit card companies or local council when people move home can lead to serious problems if the information contained falls into the hands of a potential ID thief.
Philomena Richardson, 59, of Newport, had not told the council of her change address and was surprised to find the headstone of her brother John Doran laid flat - especially as she believed it to be safe.
They often drive cars they bought abroad and have never registered in the UK, provide false details or constantly change address.
The chapters on political and economic change address questions of parliamentary versus executive power, the devolution of authority and revenues to local governments, the loss by the military of some of their privileges, the weathering of the Asian financial crisis, the prevalence of corruption, banking industry restructuring, and the influence of the International Monetary Fund.
Customers can view, print and save leave and earnings statements, make adjustments to federal and state tax withholdings, update bank account and electronic transfers and change address information, all online by accessing myPay at http://my.
To buy a licence or change address, tel: (0870) 242-3349 or log on to www.
Include instructions on how to call to check claims, look for providers in the network, change address and order ID cards, etc.