change sides

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It was a sanguinary [cheerful] affair, and especially interesting as showing one of Peter's peculiarities, which was that in the middle of a fight he would suddenly change sides.
Every time we change sides, the wind seems to change sides as well," Japan's badminton coach Keita Masuda said after Japan lost to the Koreans.
The other is that some of the rebels are getting ready to change sides.
Moreover, some of the rebels are getting ready to change sides.
IT would seem that none of the main political parties in Merseyside is immune to one of the dirtiest tricks in the book - and at the most junior level: the tin-pot arrogance of councillors who change sides mid-term.
The event took place at Salboni, where the PCAPA members held a kangaroo court and compelled the CPM members to change sides.
The latter challenged strongly down the far side but was forced to change sides on the run-in and Oaks winner Skywalker Queen came with a big late run to finish threeparts-of-a-length second behind the Pat Buckley-trained Slip The Lark in 29.
Ray Winstone's character seems to change sides at the drop of Indy's fedora.
Stay in the same direction with a hedge on your right and in a few yards change sides with the hedge to continue along a series of pools on the right.
I change sides regularly otherwise you get lines on your face,' he says.
The Ukraine international said: 'I think destiny decided to change sides and give the Cup to Liverpool.
Caleb Parker is one of 257,000 free persons of color living in the Confederacy; when war breaks out, he and his best friend enlist in the Union militia, yet Yankee atrocities force them to change sides and fight for the Confederacy.