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1), or a description applied by others, (35) the connection between philosophical changeability and Proteus evidently continued.
Briefly, community members were first presented with the complete list of issues (those collected across FGs, community surveys, and extant database analyses) so that they could rank each issue using Likert-type, 3-point scaled questions representing metrics of importance and changeability (for importance: 1 = not important, 2 = intermediate importance, 3 = very important; for changeability: 1 = not changeable, 2 = intermediate changeability, 3 = highly changeable).
We expect that the proposed research will enrich our knowledge about the changeability, the course and direction characteristics and amplitude of tectonic events.
c--Changeability: changeability means the ability to respond to the growth of family in various stages of life.
The psychoanalytic session is an endeavor to come to accept the active character of the subject (Ferguson, 2015) while opening onto its changeability.
Building on a number of colourful family portraits, Scheele stresses that family sagas were often characterized by initial failure, great risks, incredible successes and the subsequent fragmentation of trading families: family histories illustrate the diversity and changeability of the trade.
The combination of these two traits, utter certainty and persistent changeability, made him something of an aberration during his lifetime.
Analyzing architectural and code quality weaknesses in 186 different enterprise-grade applications built using Java-EE, the CRASH Report found that over three quarters of the robustness, security, and changeability scores for applications developed with a mix of Agile and Waterfall methods were higher than the median scores for projects using only Agile methods.
Hide your feelings if someone's changeability starts to annoy you.
This book is about medieval writers' use of clothing to mirror the changeability of human experience.
You enjoy a challenge and you will find the changeability of the day stimulating and exciting.
After determining the importance and changeability of all these factors, the information was synthesized to create Project YEAH.