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Tomorrow will feel humid with a good chance of rain and Friday will again be changeable.
An earlier experiment with this setup found that ant colonies typically picked the stable site if the changeable site had only 2.
The outlook for the weather is changeable until the end of July.
Another obvious case to justify the necessity for changeable parameters in mathematical programming is virtual organizations.
New models with changeable blades have joined the fine screening models launched last year.
With the weather so changeable you would have even more non-runners than now.
1 : able to change : likely to be changed : changeable <a variable climate>
These programmable pushbutton switches and displays feature a programmable and changeable OLED module with 65,536 colors in 16 bit mode, and 256 colors in 8 bit mode.
HIGH street retailers failed to hold on to a sales lift in June as tighter household budgets and changeable weather kept shoppers off the streets.
The extent of May's changeable weather was laid bare by new figures yesterday.
The modern factory campus is a complex and increasingly changeable environment, where boundaries between types of work are blurred and blue and white collar functions are now expected to co-exist.
Maybe it was a case of "no pain, no gain" but the neighbours appear to have lost their way in the space of just a few years, proving how changeable the game can be.