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Chapter 2 focuses on the institutions and locations where neo-Gregorian chant was produced as well as its reception in southern Italy and beyond.
LIVERPOOL FC's rivals must end their "murderers" chants in the wake of the landmark Hillsborough ruling, campaigners said.
We are very proud of the history, within the grocery and pharmacy sides of the business, in acting responsibly in the areas of environment and sourcing but also in the area of making a contribution back to the communities in which we operate," Chant says.
Many Iranians have commented that the regime's exaggerated push for the chant has made it more a symbol of regime ideology than a statement of public belief.
In the '90s, there was a burst of renewed interest by mainstream audiences in Gregorian chants after the group Enigma incorporated Gregorian chant in the song "Sadeness Part I," which topped charts across the world, including the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play (surprise, surprise).
Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rasheed was welcomed with 'Go Nawaz Go' chants upon arrival in Lahore.
But a new book investigates why many fans think it's acceptable to chant about murder, paedophilia and rape - but would never air such views outside football grounds.
Snatam Kaur sings this mantra on her album Grace, which also includes instructions for the postures and mudras that accompany the chant.
CALLS were made last night for a crackdown on anti-Welsh chants at football matches.
Information on Chinese Buddhist liturgical chant and its performance can be gleaned from canonical Buddhist literature dating from around the sixth to the eighth centuries; references to the origin of Chinese Buddhist fanbai (referring to the singing of hymns and praises), descriptions of musically adept preachers and hymnodists, and accounts of rituals and ceremonies can all be found.
A TRAY of delicious Pukka Pies goes to the sender of our favourite chant of the week and Wally was in the lead for telling us Tottenham fans greeted the arrival of Wigan's 5-foot-5 Albert Crusat with a chorus of "Why's your mascot on the pitch?
But they are adamant the chant which contains the words, "Your dad washes elephants, your mother's a whore", is not racist in nature.