chaotic state

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I saw her, and that helped to relieve my chaotic state of mind.
It follows the story of the Emerald Isle, a once peaceful place filled with mirth that was torn apart after years of clan fighting, leaving Ireland in a chaotic state.
The chaotic state of the streets ends at 10 in the night, leaving residents very little time to visit shops and places of interest before closing time.
Our country's chaotic state benefits a number of corrupt officials and citizens at the expense of the Egyptian economy, and of citizens who are not comfortable with resorting to illegal measures to get things done.
The instruction given by the Clerk of the Flintshire County Council (Mr Hadyn Reece) to the representative was "Act professionally but don't let it go to Denbighshire" As Bodelwyddan was never intended to be a General hospital it is not surprising the chaotic state in which it finds itself.
Rather than calling for a ceasefire and dialogue as the governments of China, Russia and Iran have done, the Council is supporting a chaotic state of affairs that will, beyond anything else, make sure that Yemen remains a failed state and a fertile ground for terrorist groups.
There they will continue to go so long as the Middle East--where it could be argued the United States has long had and is now watching the decline of the sort of regional policy these authors advocate for the Indian Ocean--continues in its currently chaotic state.
It's a chaotic state of aairs where some vice-chancellors spend thousands on travel or "It's a chaotic state of aairs where some vice-chancellors spend thousands on travel or enjoy large pay rises, while others face pay restraint and a modest expense account.
But on the other, the huge level of intervention by Iran and Hezbollah in the Syrian war, along with the general state of disarray and tension in Lebanon, and the chaotic state of Syria, mean that Israel is being given a golden opportunity to get away with such cross-border military strikes.
NATO has released a second fact sheet as it continued to spit barbs with Russia, with each blasting the other for Europe's current chaotic state.
Nonetheless, perhaps the chaotic state of the world (and, let's not forget the whole point of this, the dislocation, persecution and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the world's trouble-spots) may finally oblige countries' leaders to rise above the dirty politics of selfish nationalistic deal-making and decide collectively, consensually, on what is right.
To the US administration, finding an agreed-upon settlement to the Palestinian problem will be the key to straightening out the chaotic state of affairs in the region which would ultimately change the Middle East dynamics to a condition away from radicalism to a condition of stability and prosperity.