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Figure 6 is pressure characteristic curve of the same piece of pork from several consecutive days testing.
Characteristic curves define the object's main shape and its expression.
An uncertainty analysis procedure for device characteristic curve based virtual sensors is presented in this paper, and the procedure is also applied in two virtual sensor case studies.
Hence, the soil water characteristic curve ranging from -10 to -1500 kPa is considered here for further analysis.
Determine the characteristic curve for the froth phase using experimental data for the liquid drainage through stationary foam.
In this situation, conventional, passive rear axle dampers always select a rigid damping characteristic curve that is adapted to the full permitted load which detrimentally affects comfort when the vehicle is partly loaded.
The best models were selected based on Chi-square values and area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC), Dr.
5-10, the thin dashed line is characteristic curve of the independent vehicle dynamics system; the thin solid line is characteristic curve of the vehicle dynamics equivalent system based on the unsteady constraints; the thick solid line is the absolute error curve between the vehicle dynamics equivalent system and the independent vehicle dynamics system.
The user-programmability of parameters, such as characteristic curve, angle range, and index points (eg zero point) and sense of rotation, gives Contelec low-power rotary encoders an added performance dimension that widens the range of possible applications.
The end users will feel the benefit of the characteristic curve analysis mainly in terms of money: A system installed and maintained in the best possible way will ensure that they achieve maximum yields.

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