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Such a precariously balanced system always operates on the edge of collapse, yet responds resiliently to external stresses by returning in a characteristic way to its initial "critical" state.
Each activity is linked together in characteristic ways called "linkages" Although value activities are the building blocks of competitive advantage, the value chain is not a collection of independent activities but rather a system of interdependent activities.
The piece is a setting of four poems by William Blake, "To Summer," "To Autumn," "To Winter," and "To Spring," which seek to, in her words, "address each of the seasons in colorfully characteristic ways, expressing unique personality traits, and revealing glimpses into the interaction of the seasons with the people of the land.
Crystals scatter X-rays in characteristic ways and produce diffraction patterns from which the structure of the crystal - and here MITF - can be reconstructed.
As the finger slides over a textured surface, the skin vibrates in characteristic ways.
In the second chapter, "Augustinian Case Studies," Ettenhuber moves from investigating Donne's "philosophy of interpretation" to his own textual practices--the "most characteristic ways in which Donne absorbs, digests, and (re-)presents Augustine's texts" (65).
In prior work, the least studied etiology of well-being has been underlying psychological traits or characteristics of the person that can affect well-being, such as personality or specific behavioral characteristics, cognitive viewpoints, and/or characteristic ways of processing information that interact negatively or positively with life events (Nagase et al.
For example, you can recognize the face, voice, and characteristic ways of behaving of a person you know well.
Together with Wurtz, the education director of the Oskar-Helene Home, he argued that deformed bodies shaped the psychology of the disabled in characteristic ways.
A study published in Science Daily (9/12/07) compared body motion for gay and straight men and women and found that gay people of both sexes walked on a treadmill in characteristic ways.
Normally, people in transition act in certain characteristic ways.
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