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Library characterization is an important part of 16nm FinFET collaboration with TSMC," said Tom Beckley, senior vice president, Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence.
In the interim, taxpayers must do their best to navigate the inconsistent characterization waters.
Molecular characterization of serotype G9 rotavirus strains from a global collection.
While this rate of noncompliance is disputed by the foundry industry, the attention of regulators should provide an incentive to revisit waste characterization documentation.
Developed in close collaboration with leading biopharmaceutical companies, the new Genedata Expressionist for MS helps laboratories automate processes across the entire characterization workflow from sample acquisition to result reporting.
Genetic characterization of the Long Point HGE-like agent (designated here as L3H) was carried out by sequencing an 849-bp portion of the rDNA gene and comparing it with other HGE-like agents in GenBank.
It stated that in nearly every context in which the issue of characterization was relevant, courts have concluded that the proper level for characterization of an item of income is at the partnership level (citing the characterization of the sale of property, the special allocation to a partner-taxpayer of royalties paid to the partnership, the attribution of a loss to a business, etc.
The enactment of land disposal restrictions for the "third-third" scheduled wastes last May and the recent promulgation of Toxicity Characterization Leaching Procedure (TCLP), make it essential for foundries to have their wastes characterized.
A range of high performance detectors, software and systems is available for characterization of polymers, proteins and nanoparticles.
The purpose of this request for applications (RFA) is to promote the identification and characterization of biomarkers that might eventually be useful for studies of COPD pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapeutic stratification of patients, or testing of potential drug treatments.
Presently there is a strong industrial interest in elastic characterization of thin films because they have applications in electronic, photonic, and magnetic devices and are also used as wear and corrosion resistant coatings on ordinary materials.

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