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ENM characterizes the distribution of the species in a space defined by environmental parameters, which are precisely those that govern the species' geographic distribution under Grinnelrs definition.
On another front, scientists should establish safety of use by determining the concentrations at which pharmacological doses become a toxicological problem; determine the type of phytochemical and the effective dose that protect against disease; define the saturation point of phytochemicals that provide protection against cancer; identify new mechanisms by which phytochemicals produce protective effects; and characterize the effects of phytochemicals at various concentrations.
His extensive introduction characterizes Roman Jewry: "Perhaps the most remarkable fact about sixteenth century Roman Jewry is that Jewish women freely owned and disposed of property.
Keller appeals to cross-gendered images of the divine in early Christianity (a female Holy Spirit, a breasted Father) to argue for a current conception of "gender fluidity" that can maintain a sense of the connectedness and "ethical mutuality" which should characterize our moral subjectivities.
Once the Xi-100 topographic map of the sample is obtained, the analysis software is used to isolate, define and characterize the peaks and valleys found on the sample surface.
Research is needed to characterize the nature and extent of the inhalant abuse for different classes of abused inhalants in relevant population subgroups.
1297(b)(2)(C) related-party look-through rule to characterize income and assets from brother-sister transactions to determine whether the common parent is a PFIC.
Solo practices and specialty groups of five to six physicians characterize much of the East.
Regular updates spring from the CTC's ongoing work to characterize new colorants and resins as they pop up.
Therefore, a complete-link cluster analysis was performed to separate the students into homogeneous subgroups to characterize their performance more precisely in terms of approaches to problem solving.