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Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards are not going to open an in-house charge account for your customer.
Wenatchee Sand and Gravel seeks payment on a charge account for MNR Construction that was opened in June 2008.
The IRS argued that Gimbel Brothers had established an accrual method of accounting for one type of charge account.
is seeking payment in full on Finesse Painting's charge account.
85 percent of his or her electricity charges to the public benefit charge account, which funds a variety of conservation and other energy-related programs.
Available through Case dealer ships, the new charge account serves as a dedicated line of credit available for customer use whenever needed.
We expect the system to expand K&B's base of charge account customers, resulting in enhanced sales and a competitive advantage," says K&B vice president of management information systems Larry Douglas.
Offer special discounts for your charge account customers who are current, explains Reddish.
Brian's Painting started a charge account with Kemp Inc.
At Stirling Sheriff Court yesterday, her solicitor claimed Lavelle, the vice-president of a US computer firm, led a "lavish and extravagant" lifestyle, including the charge account at Saks on New York's Fifth Avenue.
According to a police report, Copp's mother, Gaelene Pakrandt, told officers she had closed the charge account because her son charged $2,100 in car repair bills.
Scottrade doesn't charge account transfer fees or any of the other fees commonly charged by other brokers and we don't think investors should have to pay them either," said Scottrade president and CEO Rodger Riney.