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com/research/n854d3/flexible_battery) has announced the addition of the "Flexible Battery Market by Technology (Thin-film Li-ion, Flexible Lithium Polymer, Printed, Curved, and Paper Battery), Chargeability, Application (Packaging, Smart Card, Wearable Electronics) and Region - Global Forecast to 2020" report to their offering.
Disseminated sulfide minerals produce high values of polarization effects and chargeability which are showing sulfide mineralization zones in different depths of the deposits [25,21,30].
Drillhole NR13-001 was targeted to test the northern part of the coincident soil geochemical, magnetic and chargeability anomalies and the entire length of hole NR13-001 returned 333.
This paper describes the application of an integrated geophysical exploration program based on contrasting magnetic susceptibility, chargeability, electrical resistivity and Th, U and K concentration between the porphyry intrusions and host rocks.
The northwesterly extension of the Naty Vein is defined by a linear gradient induced polarization (IP) chargeability high response that extends for at least 1,300 metres beyond the last drill hole reported at the Naty South sector.
The first drill hole of the program (CETD3) has been completed and was terminated at 373m after intersecting the Campbell's Reward chargeability anomaly at Cethana.
Alpha Coating Technologies has been awarded a patent for a powder coated article comprising a conductive substrate coated with a cured coating powder consisting essentially of an inert nitrogen-containing compound which is a member selected from the group consisting of melamine, urea, benzoguanamine, ammelaine, melamammelide, ammelide, melem, melam, ureidomelamine, polyurea, oligomeric melamine, and ortho toyl biguanide, the compound being present in an effective amount to enhance the electrostatic chargeability of the coating powder, balance essentially a thermosetting resin polymer which is a member selected from the group consisting of epoxies, saturated polyesters, polyester-epoxy hybrids, acrylics, epoxy functional acrylics, and admixtures.
The 2012 edition includes the latest available data on fee structures for every major market type, billing rates and chargeability statistics for 27 levels of employee (from clerks up through principals), ways firms usually charge for subconsultant fees and reimbursable expenses, how firms collect payment, and much more.
The flexible battery market report analyzes the market by technology, chargeability, and application.
A geophysical survey in 2008 defined a discrete zone of anomalous chargeability (The Campbell's Reward Zone).
The extra depth levels in each case helped to define more clearly the nature and trend of the chargeability anomalies and associated conductivity/resistivity anomalies.