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Last night, a spokeswoman for the Miss Commonwealth organising committee said: "Extending the reign of queens who influence community charitableness is the least we can do.
There's nothing that so effectively ruins conversation as charitableness.
The most praiseworthy elements of the tribal traditions--hospitality, charitableness, social justice--were gifts of God that reach back through their ancestors, Abraham and Ishmael, all the way back to Adam.
Responsible citizenship requires fair taxes plus charitableness.
To deny care to patients solely because they are unable to pay is counter to the fundamental belief in generosity and charitableness held by most Americans.
The early chapters discuss the changing images of and attitudes toward the poor -- erosion of medieval Christian charitableness and its replacement by the indiscriminate labelling of all paupers as reprobates unworthy of public support -- and the causes of poverty.
With characteristic charitableness, Monaghan says little about his mother, who first foisted him upon a German family that resented his presence and later incarcerated him in a Roman Catholic orphanage "for a year.