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As part of its regular programme of charity accounts scrutiny, the regulator analysed a random sample of 107 charity accounts against 2 criteria:
A report from the Charity Commission says: "The Commission opened a statutory inquiry into the charity on February 9, 2012.
Across 10 categories judges will decide on the organisations, campaigns and individuals that have brought something special to the North East's charity sector.
The panel are on the lookout for a Young Charity Champion of the Year in a category sponsored by Blueline Taxis.
The CRA publishes a guide for filing charity tax returns, just like it does for filing corporate or personal returns.
Some organisations make a small donation to charity and use the subsequent 'thank you' letter as proof of an agreement with the charity - it's not.
Charity Central provides guidance to Canadian charities on their legislated responsibilities under the Income Tax Act.
uk, the professional advice website, the golden rule is to tick the box for Gift Aid - to enable a charity to reclaim basic tax on a donation from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the 'gross' figure, the amount before basic rate tax (20 per cent) is deducted.
The Charity Commission is waiting for important information from nearly 300 of the city's 1,147 registered charities.
The Phoenix Foundation, the charity started by Sara, was registered by the Charity Commission last month.
The PM chooses cards which donate a percentage of the cost to his chosen charity, Booktrust.
A PIF is managed by the charity and its payment requirements are based on the PIF's rate of return.