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The word charlatan once thrown on the air could not be let drop.
Taft, that "Bulstrode had found a man to suit him in Lydgate; a charlatan in religion is sure to like other sorts of charlatans.
John Long--that's the kind of fellow we call a charlatan, advertising cures in ways nobody knows anything about: a fellow who wants to make a noise by pretending to go deeper than other people.
There is another thing," murmured Mazarin; "there are empirics and charlatans.
While she drew breath after this volley, the ancient servant, sitting unrebuked on the edge of the torchlight, muttered: 'This house is a cattle-pound, as it were, for all charlatans and - priests.
There are thousands upon thousands of coxcombs and charlatans in the world, made up of just such a jumble of wornout, forgotten, and good-for-nothing trash as he was
Then there were such unworthy charlatans as the pardoners and professional pilgrims, traveling everywhere under special privileges and fleecing the credulous of their money with fraudulent relics and preposterous stories of edifying adventure.
The remaining portion of social rebels is accounted for by vanity, the mother of all noble and vile illusions, the companion of poets, reformers, charlatans, prophets, and incendiaries.
Adams, a surgeon and medical historian whose qualifications include living in nearby Regent's Park for more than 30 years, gives the physicians and others who lived and worked in the area full consideration, but is also capable of calling a charlatan a charlatan.
For many scholars, the Renaissance charlatan exists as either a trickster or a quack.
In particular, I appreciated Frankie Edozien's "Sharpton's New Sermon," because during Al Sharpton's earlier years in the public eye, he seemed to be merely a charlatan or a buffoon (or both).
Other characters include rage-aholic Terri (Toni Trucks); charlatan politician Jimmy (Leslie Elliard), who aspires to become ``the black Barak Obama''; Yinka (Gbenga Akinnagbe), whose extremely clinical sex talk fails to close the deal with women; and Isaac (John Wesley Chatham), the white employee who fits in cozily with the others but would like to be cozier still with Terri.