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The court also noted that no one had complained of suffering any harm as a result of his charlatanry nor did he have any prior criminal record, press reports said on Thursday.
Even if one agrees that Steiner's anthroposophical arguments do not amount to philosophical charlatanry, or if one happens to find something coolly plausible in the claim that "we are presently living in the fourth embodiment of our solar and planetary system, with three more still to come" (194), still it needs to be explained how a man like Barfield was drawn away so markedly from the central currents of twentieth-century culture.
He analyzes selected examples of psychological research in the style of a natural science, in particular those that use the "Test of Significance" or "Null Hypothesis Test" as a standard form of data reduction, and concludes that there is "an extremely crass and weighty case of charlatanry in psychological science.
Nieuwenhuizen's amateurish charlatanry should have been apparent to Malgas, but he misses every sign, even the most Disneyesque ones that scatter "gold-dust and glitter" with the flourish of a paintbrush.
Jones, Evan (2006), 'The Charlatanry of Milton Friedman', Workers Online, December.
Only 15 years ago the idea of agents that could reverse the effects of degenerative change such as photodamage was thought highly fanciful--if not charlatanry.
Charlatanry and gulling are the main targets of Tomkis's play, though he adjusts his main aim from the abuse of parental authority to social climbing.
Though many of their concerns have been proven largely correct, I would not share Taleb's extreme view that quantitative risk management is nothing but charlatanry.
of Quebec, Canada) provides an introduction to critical thinking necessary for avoiding charlatanry and for being a good citizen.
This represents from his perspective the triumph of artistic taste over intellectual charlatanry.
Lourdes was a boon to the mass press, France's new "ultimate public arbiter of truth," which trained accusations of fraud and charlatanry on the one side against charges of impiety and shabby atheism on the other to sell a sensationalized product to a nation keenly interested in the competition of absolute truth claims at the fin-de-siecle (p.