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Meet Dave begins with some fleetingly amusing sequences of the aliens attempting to mimic human behaviour or mistakenly taking characters at their word, while Murphy's charmless performances prove two Eddie Murphys are no better than one.
As charmless as this approach might sound, trying to win a Derby with an army could be a harder test for a trainer than banking on one horse.
presuming they don't mind comparisons to this charmless, humourless facsimile.
Or prevent Dumbarton Oaks from emerging as a charmless exercise in texture and rhythm.
In Episode 3, as Mac Allen gets ready to launch her second military action in as many days, she makes a courtesy call on her nemesis, Republican Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, played with charmless creepiness by Donald Sutherland.
While this building is not one of Shuhei Endo's most rigorous, responding to a fairly limited brief, on a charmless site, it nevertheless brings a moment of interest to an otherwise banal strip of less convincing commercial shop fronts.
In tomorrow's reeling, smoking, lawless greenhouse world--a shameless, charmless place like a vast, sodden rubbish dump, only without any toads or frogs--any species that is not entirely rootless and opportunistic fades into grim decline.
To satisfy the ever-ravenous appetite for at least one evening-length narrative, Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson and principal dancer Yuri Possokhov teamed for a hectic, charmless Don Quixote, staged in a borrowed production design (Jens-Jacob Worsaae's from the Royal Danish Ballet) with minimal eye appeal.
Jeff Mattsey was a spirited, if somewhat charmless, Papageno, and Jonathan Liebich was an assured Speaker.
It was a charmless and nondescript rear yard without a place to sit or entertain.
Americans) are a repulsive people: charmless, rude, cocky, mercenary, humorless, ugly, full of a nauseatingly fake religiosity, odious in defeat, unsporting in victory.
Here, after all, is a charmless oik who's sat on his podgy hands since the Falklands War, milked every cash-cow dry and been sacked for boorishness from his last grace-and-favour job.