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struck on her starboard quarter a rock, marked in no chart for that part of the sea.
Disko showed him the meaning of the thumbed and pricked chart, which, he said, laid over any government publication whatsoever; led him, pencil in hand, from berth to berth over the whole string of banks - Le Have, Western, Banquereau, St.
Harvey understood from the Eldridge chart that the Old Virgin and a nest of curiously named shoals were the turning-point of the cruise, and that with good luck they would wet the balance of their salt there.
That's just the way I got my first faint suspicion about the chart.
Do you mean Pendragon's chart of his Pacific Islands?
You thought it was a chart of the Pacific Islands," answered Brown.
And the chart is there as a proof," added Planchet, who went to fetch from the neighboring wall, where it was suspended by a twist, forming a triangle with the bar of the window to which it was fastened, the plan consulted by the captain on his last visit to Planchet.
Here's Mangareva," the captain said, bending over the table and pointing to a black speck in the midst of the white blankness of the chart.
Here is Moerenhout Island," Captain Davenport pointed it out on the chart, which he had spread on the house.
The chart indicates a group of islands, but not how many, off there to the north'ard, or nor'-nor'westward, about forty miles--the Acteon Islands.
You remember that we saw the name upon the chart in Captain Morstan's possession.
The locks of the chart room doors were slight, they flew open, and the car penter, possessing himself of the captain's revolver, fired a shot of defiance.