chase away

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The leader of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, Bakyt Beshimov, today in Parliament asked Prime Minister Igor Chudinov to chase away his doubts concerning possible repetition of unsuccessful experience of Tajikistan with construction of Rogun hydroelectric station.
One sure-fire way to chase away those winter blues is a cup of something hot, fragrant and spicy.
SUPERSTAR DJ Judge Jules will be aiming to chase away the January blues when he returns to Coventry to play a two-hour long set of dance anthems on Saturday, January 12.
Cigarettes are bad; nicotine makes you smarter and can possibly chase away Alzheimer's.
That definition would include Wal-Mart, whose arrival in the town would help offset the loss of the 20 percent or so of the population that Macklin's ordinance might chase away.
They entered houses with spears and sharp arrows to chase away evil spirits that they believed were causing sickness.
The unobstructed view allows the girls to spot and chase away foxes, pumas, or condors that try to prey on their herd's young.
The F-16s will chase away or shoot down any non-commercial aircraft that stray within a 45-mile radius of the city.
Ornithologists have observed that a bird pair doesn't try to chase away other ant followers that rush into the home territory when a column of the insects comes through.
But as the days grow shorter and autumn chills begin to chase away summery rays, fall provides a cornucopia of reading that is every bit as stimulating.
What began as a Lenten tradition in Europe continues today as a way to celebrate our heritage and chase away the winter chill.
In his description of folk artist Tyree Guyton's use of semi-magical practices such as nailing tires to the walls of houses to chase away drug dealers from his Detroit neighborhood, Thompson slips from relativism into near fantasy.