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Living Celibacy reminds us all, married, single or celibate, that true love perfects human sexuality when it is lived passionately and chastely for the sake of others in any lifestyle or vocation.
From a rather chastely portrayal of sex in Purple Hibiscus, the writer graduates to the explicit sexual episodes in Half of a Yellow Sun, and finally, to the freedom of sexual preference in The Thing around Your Neck.
Her reputation is a mess of conflicting messages - get your boobs out for the boys, dress chastely for the kids, save the planet, smash the system, blame religion, use religion.
When the marriage vows were completed and the families lined up in the church to kiss and bless the married couple, Lucia kissed Angelos twice chastely on his cheeks, but whispered her blessing close to his ear.
Throughout, the writing is clear and logical, a teacher's writing, although Banes can also be quite doctrinaire: "The standard ballet pas de deux, however chastely danced, is about the sex act.
In the stage version, Tom's crime is skinny-dipping with a teacher of doubtful masculinity; the film, more chastely, indicts him for joining a sewing circle of faculty wives.
Nature's interpreters, if Poets be, While on their souls, as clearly photographed Her features are,--a real image fair Reflected, as if in a mirror's sheen Men see their likeness chastely shewn, and true,--(p.
Emma Bovary's labyrinthine ride through Rouen is recreated, albeit more chastely, by Jake and Brett.
Two young women, amazed that Margery Kempe convinced her husband to live chastely, collaborated on a project about sexual mores and marriage in the medieval period.
We don't have more problems living chastely than heterosexuals do, because homosexuality is not a synonym of incontinence, nor of uncontrollable urges," reads the letter, posted on the Web site of the Italian Catholic news agency Adista.
After her tumble in the wool with Burton, Taylor springs up unharmed and undaunted, and in the companion scene, when Burton carries a bedraggled Taylor in his arms to the marital bedchamber, he kisses her shoulder gently and, in deference to her obvious shyness when undressing, sleeps off his drunk chastely on a wooden table.