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The letter chastised the Jofa for publishing an article that was critical of annuities as retirement planning vehicles, claimed that annuities were "misunderstood" and later stated, "Many CPAs now have securities and insurance licenses and offer these products to their clients.
The teacher, Terry Bethea, chastised the boy in front of his classmates and sent him to the principal's office.
Komo has recently been chastised by some for its restructuring and reengineering," Zajaczkowski said.
According to the Guardian newspaper, Serota chastised those who blindly save treasures for the country when foreign collectors try to buy them.
I WAS saddened by the inhumanity of the writer of the letter that chastised 'skateboarders, beggars etc' in Birmingham.
I remember working for a competitor at the time and being chastised by analysts for not spending as much as WorldCom on network infrastructure and for having a higher cost structure.
Chastised by her relatives and ostracized by her peers, the gift attempted unsuccessfully to conform.
Justice Robert Sharpe chastised the Crown for acting as if the Metis were a fictional people and wrote "While I do not doubt there has been considerable uncertainty about the nature and scope of Metis rights, this is hardly a reason to deny their existence.
Sun CEO Scott McNealy, able as always to spot a PR opportunity, let slip the name 'Corona' to analysts last week, and allowed himself to be gently chastised by his publicity department.
The Post chastised critics for "patronizing" Fujimori "in his hour of triumph.
The pair recently chastised fellow scientists for what they contend is a widespread misconception-that one kind of paternal DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), does not get into the egg when the sperm fertilizes it.
If you've perpetuated color discrimination, you'll feel chastised.