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Re)Posing with Cleopatra," the final chapter, establishes the resistance of Shakespeare's Cleopatra to the imperial rape narrative, which is partly achieved through her insistence on her "blackness" against the Renaissance tradition of assimilating Cleopatra to chastising discourses of "whiteness.
It made me particularly uncomfortable to listen to anti-abortion activists who seemed less dedicated to saving unborn babies than to chastising women who dared to make their own decisions.
Using chastising phrases like "If you saw it, why did you step in it?
Teachers were prevented from chastising kids in schools.
Parliament would do well to be sorting out the war in Afghanistan, the drugs on the streets, the fiddles in the Commons, and global warming without wasting time on parents chastising their child.
Bustamante devoted his opening to chastising Schwarzenegger for ignoring the debate and agreeing to participate in only one forum - the one in which candidates will receive questions ahead of time.
Henry Gradstein, president of the Board of Information Technology, which is overseeing Adelphia's franchise negotiations, sent Delgadillo a three-page letter chastising him for allegedly compromising the back-room deal.
After 45 minutes of residents' chastising, the board appeared willing to work toward a solution.
As for your fellow employee chastising you for using the valet, a couple of questions jump right out.
Members must wear gloves at all times when chastising each other in public, limit their pummeling to three-minute rounds with a one-minute rest so they can catch their breath and never hit a member who's down on one knee.
Palmdale students made a banner chastising Purdom for making the comment and displayed it at midcourt before the boys' game between the two schools.
Mitchell, acting as judge in the case, ruled against NTS on Monday, chastising the company for not providing sufficient proof of its ``extraordinary'' claims.