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Matches are paid for by corporate sponsors from around the country so Creative Chatter is free to both non-profits and donors.
In doing so, Chatter provides the "context" often missing from email discussions, and easily allows others who are involved, or who should be involved, to follow a discussion and contribute.
More than 100,000 companies now use Chatter globally and we are seeing a huge reduction in the use of email, meetings and so on.
There are a number of collaborative tools in the market to help companies work more efficiently, I've worked with several of them, but none so entrenched in the new technologies of mobile devices and cloud computing as Chatter, which at the same time is totally free of cost.
Chatter was launched in June, offering features similar to social networks Facebook and Twitter.
Chatter is yet the latest example of the shift to Cloud 2, the next generation of enterprise cloud computing that is social, mobile and real- time.
The aim of this research is to develop an in-process monitoring system to detect the chatter in milling process regardless of the cutting conditions within the short time by using the dynamic cutting forces obtained during the cutting.
Remember it takes two to tango, so keep in mind that chatter can be caused by the tool bouncing against the part, the part bouncing against the tool, or both.
In addition to archiving Chatter data and content, organizations have access to Presensoft's wide array of compliance tools and features, such as the comprehensive archive search tool, instant keyword alerts, and the ability to review and place legal holds on Chatter data for regulatory governance requirements.
The straight line cut along the internal wall shows good results but chatter occurs as the cutter encounters the inner radius.