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The letter-writer then went on: oIn fact, the sectarianism, chauvinism, groupism, or, would you rather that it is called aesolidarityAE of Bengalis is so notorious that even you will find it difficult to refute it.
To do so with regard to patriotism merely deepens the depravity of chauvinism by rendering it fanatical.
Leading black spokespersons such as Briggs were often unafraid to voice their opposition to white chauvinism.
Plantinga and Van Inwagen (who are both professors at Notre Dame University) caution that their defense of avowing the exclusive truthfulness of one's own faith should not lead to chauvinism.
Chauvinistic debate is a form of propaganda, and for those who want to do propaganda within national borders, chauvinism counts.
They succeeded despite the double-edged sword of racism outside their ranks and male chauvinism within.
Open 13 times and dealt a blow to male chauvinism when she beat Bobby Riggs in a 1973 tennis match, was powered by a vegetarian diet.
The nature of compromise and moral death is explored as well as the outrage felt over the destruction of the multicultural heritage of the Indian Muslims and the linguistic heritage of Urdu at the hands of sectarian violence and religious chauvinism.
A study of the female graduates of Girton College, Cambridge from as far back as the 1920s and up to the 1980s found that the older women were ``not surprised or bothered'' by male chauvinism at work, but that their daughters and granddaughters were ``angered'' by the sexist attitudes they encountered.
Singer and songwriter Masashi Sada, best known for such popular songs as ''Declaration of Male Chauvinism,'' gave a record 3,000th concert in Tokyo on Thursday.
The novella manages to combine in condensed form an individualized psychological profile and a satiric critique of a specific society, but it also transcends both to provide a more general critique of the interdependence between domineering chauvinism and hierarchically oppressive societies.
What she proposes is entitlement masquerading as rights, female chauvinism posing as anti-sexism, and a vast expansion of government power under the guise of empowering women.