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AoWe are neither extremist nor chauvinist, nor are we against illegal immigrants.
Scots Grey, on his last start, finished only tenth at a time when Henderson's stable was under a cloud while Chauvinist romped home by 11 lengths on his last outing.
The chauvinist simply cannot imagine another way of thinking or another approach to reality than his own.
She claimed the annual night is male chauvinist and does not fit in with the modern police policy of 'inclusiveness'.
The fact that Roberts's approach encompasses Latin American perspectives on Smithson's Yucatan trip, for example, should ward off any misunderstanding of her project as chauvinist or nationalist.
While I have always had freedom-fighter sensibilities, they have been male chauvinist, to be sure.
An obsession with interstate relations--the "Grand Chessboard" of Zbigniew Brzezinski's phrase--among the Realists tends to discourage attention to the internal dynamics of other states, while a patriotism sometimes tending to chauvinist nationalism discourages attention to the domestic roots and moral ambiguities of U.
I WAS going to say my friend's husband is a grade A male chauvinist pig but he's so nice I shall call him a male chauvinist pussy cat instead.
submitted "Evolving Attitudes or Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Attorney," which details, somewhat apologetically, how his feelings about female colleagues have favorably evolved over the years.
The Dublin-born father of seven, who has designed for members of the British Royal Family, including the late Princess Diana and Zara Phillips, rejected any suggestion that he was a chauvinist and defended his comments as simply showing he had a sense of humour.
London, Oct 16 (ANI): Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that he might be a chauvinist, but definitely not a rapist.
I am not a national chauvinist who believes in this country in all circumstances, but I have every confidence that London will be an excellent host city for the next Olympics, and the show China put on will act as spur to our organisers to do better.