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If anything could cheapen marriage it would be the people who tie the knot cynically for money or status.
I'm hoping this is something where boxing is celebrated because it's not my intention to cheapen the sport or show it up.
Mint does not plan to cheapen the modern-day nickels and pennies.
Mr Flynn, who has 5,000 followers of his own on the site, said in his blog: "Tweeting and the 24-hour media cheapen politics.
It's so good that you don't want to cheapen it by tacking a label on it.
Mock Victorian are perhaps the worst, seen as a bad rash across Britain, somehow achieving the impossible: to cheapen the look of the country's most banal suburban homes.
Using a TV show to do that seemed to me to cheapen his accomplishment.
Now they are talking of constructing a tram line up Richmond Hill Road in Edgbaston which will cheapen the area and spoil the exclusivity of the road.
Everyone loses as admittedly shortsighted casting buyers play one foundry against another, cheapen cast products and devalue the industry's future.
Or that such mawkish fund-raising hops added to the painfully embarrassing pop concerts and pay-at-the-gate grave visits can do nothing but cheapen and demean the memory of a woman that has already been blighted by cynically over-hyped outpourings of alleged grief.
A recent market study of the United States' wine trade, carried out as part of this campaign, found that nine out of ten consumers think that non-cork closures sometimes or often cheapen a bottle of wine.
So if it doesn't cheapen the game, if it's done in a tasteful way that fans like, then I think it is very much worth testing all kinds of things that will allow, at certain key moments in time - not throughout the game because you can't run this like a Monopoly board - fan input and a direct relationship with the manager to make certain decisions at isolated moments in time.