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The National Bank has had to buy US dollars the second time during the last 3 days at the currency market to avoid a sharp cheapening of the dollar versus national currency.
The cheapening of babies' lives is illustrated later in the article with reference to a (viable) 28-week pre-born baby who was terminated because of a cleft palate.
So ABC is smart to put something first-run in that time slot when they don't have new `Lost' episodes, so they can avoid cheapening the viewer averages for this premier series.
Beal argues convincingly for Julian's part in altering the view that manuscripts were the products of elite literary circles and cheapening, therefore, the medium (although not all readers will f ind this result wholly negative).
Turning the rescue of children trapped in burning buildings into vicarious thrills does strike me as somehow cheapening the courage and danger.
Were I an American Black, I think I would be much put off by a bunch of white Canadians pretending to worship God by usurping my cultural heritage and practices, thereby cheapening, or even parodying, them.
Although I'm not prepared to accept responsibility for Timothy McVeigh, I think radicals of my generation had a lot to do with cheapening this linguistic currency.
In the midst of heavy bond issuance municipal buyers sat on the fence, resulting in a further cheapening of municipal versus Treasury yields.
Davis claims that cheapening and postponing the graduation exam is necessary to ward off lawsuits charging that the state can't test kids for material they've never learned.
The respected weekly magazine The Sporting News has editorialized that the wild increase in runs and home runs is cheapening the game.
But while these shopworn tropes do exert a cheapening effect upon this profoundly sensuous movie experience, the story that John Harrison and Robert Nelson Jacobs' screenplay tells is, finally, an apt one.
What a waste of our time and cheapening of their names.