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Targeting larger attaction of citizens to participate in the national housing programs in the frames of the Forum there will be working a consultation window concerning realization of the social initiative of the President of Ukraine Available accomodation along the program of cheapening the cost of mortgage loans to provide citizens with available accommodation and the State target social economic program of construction (purchase) of available accomodation objects.
If so she is cheapening herself and it makes me feel sick.
MICHAEL Portillo's shallow quest for a painless method of execution (BBC2's Horizon, Tuesday), was a lesson in cheapening the value of life and a dismal serving of state execution with dignity.
BMW bosses were accused of cheapening the brand when they launched the 1-series but there's nothing shabby about this pocket rocket.
Part-time faculty may provide cheap labor for community colleges, but they are also cheapening educational quality, according to the American Association of University Professors.
Let's be realistic, nothing less will deter the scum on our streets at present from cheapening life and laughing in the face of the justice and legal systems.
Against all probability, I hope they can resist cheapening the franchise in this way.
When will they stop ruining and cheapening the better areas?
I do not think he is "demeaning or cheapening the worship of almighty God.
What Havenstein means by her title, however, is not the appropriation of Browne's texts for democratic -- or the Good Old Cause's, or proto-Whig -- purposes: "Democratizing," for her is synonymous with debasing and cheapening, regardless of the politics involved.