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In these times of fast communications and cheapish air travel perhaps the idea is not so crazy after all.
Some of the plastics have a cheapish feel but, otherwise, the cabin is a comfortable place to be.
Some of the plastics, although sturdy, feel cheapish and could be better on a car of this price, but it does feel built to last.
We gave away two cheapish goals after I had been quite happy with the first 35 minutes.
I think the instruments are sparse for the money as there isn't even a water temperature gauge and some of the cabin plastics look cheapish.
It's handy, then, that you can now get those cheapish flights to Milan .
We stay at a cheapish and soulless motel for about pounds 20 a night in a family room.
Mr Ashley Stoneman, spokesman for the Birmingham branch of CAMRA, said: "It is a nice, little, friendly Irish pub, with good cheapish beer and a good atmosphere.
Four times player of season, international, cheapish .
Q MY friend and I are planning a cheapish girlies' self-catering beach holiday in either Greece or Spain this summer.