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Why do you think Reasons to be Cheerful has such an enduring appeal?
Critique: Exceptionally well written, impressively informative, remarkably insightful, refreshingly practical, as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring, "Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind" is very highly recommended, especially for community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.
Finding Success in Balance--My Journey to the Cheerful Mind" will resonate with anyone who finds themselves overcommitted, and overwhelmed with feelings of exhaustion and defeat.
Even when I last saw him at the Greendale Men's Club, he was cheerful and never complained.
Be A Cheerful Giver" explains, there is no real formula or rules on how you give.
Johns Hopkins researchers say their study shows that a general sense of well-being - feeling cheerful, relaxed, energetic and satisfied with life - actually reduces the chances of a heart attack.
We've been looking at why men cheat and ways to combat the irritations in your life by giving you reasons to be cheerful.
I HAVE to write and say how much we enjoy our trips to Liverpool every six weeks or so It is well worth the 200 mile round trip to be in such a friendly and cheerful city where those of us nearer 60 are actually noticed and not treated as invisible.
Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning children's musician Nick Deysher, recording under the moniker In the Nick of Time, presents Making Silly Faces, a cheerful children's music album encapsulating a little bit of everything, from rock, pop, and disco to reggae, funk and jazz.
But April showers bring May flowers and lots of cheap and cheerful treats to buy too
Lovely cat played a cheerful play with a lizard under the many sympathetic blinks, which was carefully watching lovely tabby, while it was striving little lizard, in Turkish biggest metropolis in Istanbul on Saturday.