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You will wait and see papa,' said Agnes, cheerfully, 'and pass the day with us?
She had not to wait long, for as soon as the girl thought her mother was safely out of the way, she changed herself and the Prince once more into their human shape, and set out cheerfully for the river.
He was ploughed in his examinations time after time; but he bore this cheerfully, and submitted with such a charming grace to the parental expostulations that his father, a doctor in practice at Leeds, had not the heart to be seriously angry with him.
I'm quite ready to go with you, Vasili Andreevich,' said Nikita cheerfully.
Which is the way of the dog, the only animal that will cheerfully and gladly, with leaping body of joy, leave its food uneaten in order to accompany or to serve its human master.
The Rainbow's Daughter nodded cheerfully, no longer afraid of her new companions.
Yet the Reformation was stirring all the world, and while Sir Thomas More cheerfully and steadfastly died for the Catholic faith, there were others in England who as cheerfully lived, worked, and died for the Protestant faith.
Why, of course, if you want me to," assented Anne cheerfully.
Well, I'm not going right away," said the Story Girl, more cheerfully.
So it seems," answered the little monarch, cheerfully.
On those occasions the sense of superiority which the large bird feels every where over the small, warmed their cool blood, and set them screeching cheerfully in the stillness of the night.
I have only one thing to say: I would cheerfully go through all that I have suffered to live this one month over again.