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CT, Gateshead, states that I was wrong to say that Tories were laughing and cheering the vote in favour of retaining the pay cap for public sector workers and that they were in fact cheering the passing of the Queen's Speech.
And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down.
The academy, is based in Ingleby Barwick and Yarm, is aiming to build on a great start to competitive cheering and are calling for budding cheerleaders to join, with no experience necessary.
The host of Cheer Up, Chrishelle Ebner, is a cheer mom herself with two daughters and a son cheering for Augusta Cheer Academy in Evans, Georgia.
IF Dave Mynard is 'disgusted' at the supporters who cheered Marlon King, (Telegraph, September 29) might I remind him that we weren't cheering in condonation of his "criminal past".
By contrast, Quinnipiac didn't allow off-campus recruiting during the first year, didn't conduct a national search for a head coach, ended up turning its sideline cheering squad into the school's competitive cheer team and didn't provide a locker room for its squad.
BOYLSTON - Over the past two years, the Tahanto Regional High School cheerleading team has adopted a new way of cheering.
It was an incredible sight, everybody cheering him on.
At his own inauguration for a second six-year term a few days before Ahmadinejad's arrival, the Venezuelan leader described Jesus Christ as "the greatest socialist in all history" and screamed to a cheering crowd, "Fatherland
While the bill gives the Texas Education Agency authority to "punish" schools that allow such routines, the proposal doesn't specifically spell out what constitutes "suggestive" cheering.
delegations came forward and resumed cheering immediately after they marched off.
We've all had this experience: we walk into a room where someone else is watching sports on television, start watching the game and, even though we have no idea who is playing, end up cheering for one team rather than the other.