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The chemical absorption test was carried out by the measurement of the weight difference between dry mass and surface dry mass after immersion in sodium hypochlorite solution (5.
In addition, these processes force you to use chemicals with the chemical absorption which cost money and more significantly, involve environment, health and safety risks.
For example, the post-combustion capture process by chemical absorption requires a subsequent reheating of the liquid solvent to release the captured C[O.
Gas removal process using hollow fiber membrane is a combination of separation by membrane and chemical absorption process, which is very important nowadays.
MHI's CO2 capture technology employs a high-performance chemical absorption method utilizing the absorption solvent "KS-1(TM)", which was jointly developed by MHI and Kansai Electric Power Co.
20] Zhi-gang Tang, Chang-cheng Zhou, and Cheng Chen, "Studies on Flue Gas Desulfurization by Chemical Absorption Using an Ethylenediamine[?

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