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A material factor; a basic component.

The term is used to mean one of several parts that unite to form a whole, as in elements of a criminal action or civil action. In the tort of Assault and Battery, an essential element of the offense would be unwanted physical contact. An element of the crime of rape is lack of consent on the part of the victim.


n. 1) an essential requirement to a cause of action (the right to bring a lawsuit to enforce a particular right). Each cause of action (negligence, breach of contract, trespass, assault, etc.) is made up of a basic set of elements which must be alleged and proved. Each charge of a criminal offense requires allegation and proof of its elements. 2) essential requirement of a General Plan. (See: cause of action, crime, General Plan, zoning)


noun cantle, component, component part, constituent, content, detail, elementum, essential part, feature, fraction, fragment, fundemental part, integral part, item, member, part, particle, piece, rudiment, section, segment, substance
Associated concepts: elements of a cause of action, eleeents of a crime, elements of recovery
See also: aspect, atmosphere, characteristic, component, constituent, detail, determinant, factor, feature, ingredient, item, member, part, segment, unit
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MAR = Dietary no observed effect concentration of chemical element in man / Bioaccumulation Quotient (BQ) for chemical element in fish
2] shows that the studied chemical elements influence the elongation [A.
Body is slowly submerged in a container of liquid nitrogen, a chemical element with a freezing point so low it boils at -196[degrees]C (-320[degrees]F).
This follows the tradition of naming chemical elements after merited scientists.
Muscat, Jan 14 (ONA) The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, in collaboration with Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) in the United Kingdom (UK), organized a seminar on environmental analysis for heavy chemical elements using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Layer - DGT - for the first time in the Sultanate.
The look on the dogs remain for about six weeks and then the owners bring them back for some touching up, but no dog was treated with chemical elements or was harmed in any other way, he added.
Euzal's body also contained the chemical elements americium and polonium.
The Syrian army units discovered and seized a large volume of mortars shells and ammunition which contained chemical elements and were due to be used by terrorists in operations in the Syrian capital," an informed source who asked for anonymity told FNA in Damascus on Saturday.
Adel Khalifa Al-Zayani has recently hosted a delegation from (Bapco) chaired by its Deputy CEO Engineer Ibrahim Taleb, and Director of North America, Hart Energy Consulting John Kneiss, the mandatory company to prepare an environmental feasibility study on the compound MTBE, where Kneiss presented an overview for the results of analyzing the chemical elements and their effects.
Some of these bacteria initiate the breakdown process whereby complex organic substances are reduced to simple chemical elements that support the entire soil web of microorganisms, which in turn feed the plants.
3million hunt to discover how the first chemical elements were created in the universe.
Rare earth metals are a collection of 17 chemical elements that are key to the production of a long list of modern-day technologies.

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