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In addition, to the VI Peel[R] chemical peels, the VI Derm[R] skin care line provides clinical daily care products using the highest quality, results-oriented ingredients to over 3500 medical practices in over 40 countries worldwide.
Word-of-mouth has helped propel the chemical peel serum to a top seller position on Amazon.
At the clinic, I was told the Image Signature chemical peel can treat acne scarring, reduce fine lines and give an all-over brighter complexion.
So it's hardly surprising that chemical peels have a bad reputation with people afraid to try them out.
I researched a number of solutions and decided with my plastic surgeon Vivek Sivarajan to go for a chemical peel.
CASH-CONSCIOUS Brits worried about their looks have swapped expensive facelifts for chemical peels.
If you have a personal or family history of heart disease, consult your regular doctor before going ahead with a chemical peel.
Before, a deep chemical peel required a week of down time and several months of recovery.
Many clients then undergo a chemical peel to get rid of that crepe paper look as well
Jan Wozny, RN, a licensed esthetician at Deerfield Dermatology Associates, has said that mineral-based cosmetics offer a great make-up solution for women who have sensitive skin following chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatments as well as some surgical procedures.
Paul Lorenc, renowned New York City aesthetic plastic surgeon, has aligned with PCA SKIN, a leading clinical skin care company and originator of advanced chemical peel formulations, to offer PCA professional treatments and daily care products in his office.
NEW YORK, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- If looking your age doesn't sound appealing to you, a chemical peel could be your secret weapon in erasing the tell-tale signs that go hand in hand with growing older.