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Started in 1965 as a project to uniquely identify and track chemical substance information, the CAS Registry system is the only complete and accurate source of unique identifiers, known as CAS Registry Numbers for all organic and inorganic substances disclosed in scientific publications and other reputable sources.
The prepublication notice defines reportable nanomaterials as "a chemical substance that is solid at 25[degrees]C and atmospheric pressure that is manufactured or processed in a form where the primary particles, aggregates, or agglomerates are in the size range of 1-100 nm and exhibit unique and novel characteristics or properties because of their size.
A polymer for which the 2% rule is applicable and listed on the inventory of existing chemical substances, or that is a new chemical substance meeting the 2% rule
An Asian maid was referred to the public prosecution after she was found guilty of placing a chemical substance in the drinking bottle of the infant baby of the family for whom she works.
BEIRUT: Military Prosecutor Judge Saqr Saqr pressed charges Wednesday against a policeman and six inmates, including five members of Fatah al-Islam, for allegedly attempting to smuggle a potentially dangerous chemical substance into Roumieh prison.
Japanese telecoms manufacturer OKI (TOKYO:6703) announced on Monday that it has upgraded the compilation functions of its COINServ-COSMOS-R/R, an information system used to track chemical substances in products, to ensure compliance with the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulations.
The rule expands the reporting requirements under the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory Update Reporting rule that requires manufacturers of chemical substances to report on the manufacturing, importation, processing, and use of those chemical substances.
Each entry for a chemical substance in the registry is meticulously curated and quality controlled by CAS's scientific staff.
I like to be part of the unknown, to uncover the truth behind a chemical substance.
Assessment measures of batches of chemical substances have concluded that five are potentially harmful to human health (thiourea, Pigment Yellow 34, Pigment Red 104, isoprene and epichlorohydrin), while three others appear to be of concern to the environment.
The most immediate requirement of REACH is that all businesses producing any chemical substance above 1 tonne per annum must register it with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).
The Registry includes every chemical substance indexed in CA, with their structures and names recorded in computer-readable databases.

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