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The Cherished Campaign video gives tips for a safe and healthy winter.
NNA - Bishop Antoine Nabil el-Andari said on Friday that when the family is protected and cherished, the national family will be protected and cherished as well.
The pain of losing you never goes away, the love and trust we shared was special and so true, these are the memories I shall cherish and always keep of you, husband John and Family xxxx McADAM Margaret Cherished memories of Margaret McAdam.
Through his firms Cherished Marks, Cherished Registered Marks and Berlinetta, the crook sold licence plates that he didn't own and, in some cases, didn't exist.
Pat, Alison, Michael and all his cherished grandchildren.
com)-- Transferring private number plates or cherished number plates as they are also referred to can take weeks and weeks especially if the donor vehicle is called for an inspection by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
Cherished memories of a loving husband, father, brother and grandad.
Leslie" is a story of cherished memories and the present that threatens to taint them.
From the beautiful illustrations, to the heartwarming stories, poetry, and excerpts, it is truly a gift to be cherished and shared.
AN ACT of Parliament that will simplify the process of buying and keeping a cherished number plate has received royal assent and has passed into law.
Her family cherished it, and they often wondered whatever happened to the young serviceman," said Hochstein, whose mother-in-law lives on a farm near Nicole in France.
His friendships with Muslim colleagues in Chicago led to many team-taught courses in Christianity and Islam and a cherished friendship with Dr.