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Mr Brown said that while the chest pains Mr Milton had suffered could have been caused by muscular strain, "in hindsight" they were "likely" to be the result of the heart problems which killed him.
Patients without chest pain had fewer symptoms overall but their ACS was not less severe.
The Cleveland Clinic-managed SKMC is one of the world's top cardiovascular disease institutions and the only institution outside the US recognized as a Cycle IV Chest Pain Centre.
Professor Weiyi Qin, the administration director of the Chest Pain Center, said, "The coordination of the Chest Pain Rescue Network is achieved by using IVT's mHealth system.
Younger women with no chest pain were almost 20 percent more likely to die than male counterparts.
As many as 20%-25% of patients with negative chest pain unit evaluations present again for similar evaluations.
There are many different causes of chest pain in children like Kounis syndrome (2,3), so there is need for further investigations in the evaluation of chest pain in children.
The findings of the present study concur with those of previous studies, indicating that the subjects failed to recognise chest pain or attributed chest pain to other health problems (Burnett et al.
In the absence of ischemic ECG changes or positive cardiac markers, intermediate- and low-risk patients can be safely managed in a chest pain observation unit for 9-12 hours, which can obviate the need for hospital admission in the majority of these patients," the investigators added.
West Midlands Ambulance Service chief executive Anthony Marsh said: "If you are experiencing chest pain call for an ambulance immediately.
Unfortunately too many people waste vital minutes questioning their symptoms - our message is if you are suffering chest pain, call 999 immediately, because doubt kills.
Using an 11-point pain intensity scale, researchers measured patients' perceptions of chest pain after they were given nitroglycerin and compared this to their diagnosis of heart disease.