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I stood immersed in the Blackfoot, gulped another chestful of joy, and watched my fragile fiction drift toward the invisible, broad-browed trout.
He survived the war with a chestful of medals - including the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Marcoing.
Those old vines have won a chestful of medals for the wineries that have vinified fruit from them over the last two decades.
Stooped and tubercular, Isaak, fifty-five, sports a flashy chestful of medals.
In a lengthy interview in which he wore a comfortable sweater with minimal insignia instead of a chestful of medals, Hatch told me, "The profession has a pragmatic reason as well as a broad philosophical and moral reason to take on the environment.
It is difficult not to be impressed when met with former servicemen and women with a chestful of medals as you walk past a poppy sales point.
The First Minister proudly posed for a photo with the goatee-bearded fantasist who was wearing a chestful of medals - not knowing Clayton was in reality a pub chef.
Former Royal Marine Mr Millas joined the parade from the Royal British Legion and showed off a chestful of medals awarded for helping with the liberation of North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Yugoslavia.
Earlier, testifying in a military uniform bearing four general's stars and a chestful of medals, Gen Petraeus said he recommended the drawdown of US forces from Iraq begin this month with the departure of a California-based Marine unit.
He returned safely to North Wales five years later with a chestful of medals to his credit and got back to work in the family business selling china in Wrex-ham and on market stalls throughout the region.
After five years in charge and a chestful of trophies to boot, Bhoys boss O'Neill has decided to step down to look after his wife Geraldine, who is fighting cancer.