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Occasionally companies make big profits via fra >;ud, monopoly, or other chicanery.
They will get the loans restructured, and, with a little chicanery and creative accounting, the loan will disappear into the ether.
It was mentioned on The Daily Politics show this week that the decision by Tony Blair to introduce postal ballots was mentioned as a prime cause of voting chicanery to flourish.
Following a day of bitter wrangling and accusations of political chicanery, a motion moved by Commons Leader William Hague was defeated by 26 votes, 228 to 202.
GRAHAM Rowntree is braced for set-piece chicanery from Australia when England attempt to rescue a disappointing autumn on Saturday.
IT started with a racial comment That provided the hypothetical cement The first brick was provided By a bigot who gave vent Aided by ill-informed comments By the usual unknown source The wall it slowly grew and grew Bricklayer, add another course As for the pointing and jointing That was easy to see Provided by a bent politician Who was guilty of chicanery Then there's the religious fanatic Who is blind in both eyes Who although sighted cannot see Brickie here's your wall ties Next we have the evil dictator His bible the gun and mortar Bricklayer you will never run short Here's your hypothetical pail of water The wall is almost finished now Put your trowel away and relax For the biggest prejudicial imposition Was the hated bedroom tax RAY SPOORS, Winlaton
New Delhi, July 15 ( ANI ): Congress leader Manish Tewari on Tuesday charged the Narendra Modi-led Government of practicing an element of chicanery while destroying old files, and also questioned the need for pursuing such an exercise.
A bittersweet coming-of-age tale of tragedy, chicanery, high ideals, harsh realities, and the hard choice between love and family duty, As Flies to Whatless Boys is highly recommended.
Why, because in most jurisdictions there are rules that bind builders, laws that govern chicanery and default by developers, and government regulators that ensure that charlatans are held to account.
The truth is, corruption and political chicanery are winning over national welfare.
Stalking the red headed stranger, or, how to get your songs into the hands of the artists who really matter through show business trickery, underhanded skullduggery, shrewdness, and chicanery.
If I was in Government I would invite Bob Diamond to be the Government's watchdog in a supervising capacity using his financial knowledge to root out and expose any financial chicanery - a poacher turned gamekeeper.