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The chicanes protrude out towards the centre of the road and when a bus stops to pick up passengers, motor vehicles behind the bus are held up until the bus leaves the bus stop pick-up point.
The road has been taken from two lanes each way, to one lane each way, with a stupid chicane effect, plus road narrowing, which causes accidents.
But after that was turned down, he used the parade lap to try to forge an unofficial agreement for no overtaking at the first two chicanes.
Chicanes at Northop Hall also provoked a protest petition and will be replaced by cushions.
It seems that we have weeks, sometimes months, of delays due to roadworks, which often result in a new system that will inconvenience the motorist even more than before, eg central reservations, speed humps, bus lanes, chicanes etc.
Improvements, including installing chicanes and road humps, have not solved the problem.
Cycle lanes could be moved onto pavements and measures designed to slow down cars, such as chicanes could be scrapped, the report said.
MONZA, scene of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, has always been known as a power circuit, being made up of a series of fullthrottle blasts interupted by three chicanes and three medium-speed corners.
Flicking it left/right through chicanes isn't a major drama either.
It is very rare that there is any on-street parking in Otterburn so no problems with chicanes there - and we assumed the purpose of a chicane was to slow vehicles down.
That was minor compared to what then followed as first Kamui Kobayashi speared into another wall as he came out of the first chicanes at turn four.