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I might have knowed it," Bill chided himself aloud as he replaced the gun.
The comely Anna pounced upon her friend, shook her, chided and beseeched her.
But history tells of slaves who rose to the purple," I chided.
The watchdog group, a requirement under state law, chided the school district for not releasing the report sooner.
De Seroux said the 5-year-old mare has rebounded'' after bleeding in the Lady's Secret loss that snapped her win streak at 11 and chided ``fickle'' fans for overreacting to ``an off day.
A wagon marked ``PRESS'' in silver duct tape wasn't bearing reporters, chided Brenna Leavitt, a 15-year-old participant.
In earlier stops on the tour, Vedder chided the likes of President Bush and Microsoft's Bill Gates.
Robertson chided the Religious Right for lacking political savvy.
Reuters reported recently that Sepracor received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration regarding Sepracor's asthma drug, Xopenex, in which the FDA chided the company for misleading statements on safety and efficacy in its promotional materials.
In 2004, he chided Dodgers outfielder Shawn Green, who is Jewish, for missing twogames that during the Yom Kippur holiday.
Italian consumers and retailers were chided for resisting the conversion from the lira to the euro.
My son hits harder than she does,'' chided Lazier, whose son Kayden is 4.