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Mercado-Fortine was welcomed to her new position with a traditional song from Zonta's past presidents, chiding and lauding her for everything from her short stature to her brush with year-round education, her ability to speak Spanish and her ``glorious smile.
Rachel Reynolds, one of ``Barker's Beauties'' on ``The Price Is Right'' posing provocatively in the latest issue of FHM, insists she's going to keep her maiden name to avoid unnecessary chiding.
Bustamante, in chiding Schwarzenegger, was taking on his closest rival.
Of course, baseball being baseball, it didn't take long before the put- downs and chiding started echoing off the dugout walls.
He said he was especially troubled by the judge's chiding of the county attorney's arguments that day laborers were not prohibited from soliciting employment in the parking lots of home improvement centers.