chief actor

References in classic literature ?
He became, thenceforth, not a spectator only, but a chief actor in the poor minister's interior world.
Fagin had so well humoured his young friend's eccentric disposition, that Master Bates, who had at first been disposed to consider the imprisoned Dodger rather in the light of a victim, now looked upon him as the chief actor in a scene of most uncommon and exquisite humour, and felt quite impatient for the arrival of the time when his old companion should have so favourable an opportunity of displaying his abilities.
Any strongly marked expression of face on the part of a chief actor in a scene of great interest to whom many eyes are directed, will be unconsciously imitated by the spectators.
But though she had avoided the chief actor, the scenery unfortunately remained.
And now as you and I are the chief actors in this enterprise, I think we should come into a nice agreement; to which end, I propose that you should lend me your arm, for
It is the custom to trumpet forth much wonder and astonishment at the chief actors therein setting at defiance so completely the opinion of the world; but there is no greater fallacy; it is precisely because they do consult the opinion of their own little world that such things take place at all, and strike the great world dumb with amazement.
Bartolomeo looked fixedly at these persons, whose cold and formal faces were grating to souls so passionately strained as those of the three chief actors in this scene.
Putin is the chief actor in a tragedy harming not only Ukraine, but Russia.
The male lead in La Sylphide and a solo piece by Lv Meng (supposedly the chief actor of the company) were especially disappointing.
98) is focused on "God as the chief actor in all our evangelizing efforts" (p.
Jouffroy was a chief actor in many of the great debates and events in the late medieval church and in Europe as a whole.
The Son is the chief actor in the drama, repairing the damage done by sin when human freedom turned in upon itself.