chief issue

See: main point
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11 to make human rights the chief issue of their political campaigns in the Philippines' upcoming election.
A chief issue in the negotiations is said to be compensation, with dispatchers at Jazz Aviation said to be earning less than a number of their counterparts at other Canadian carriers.
The chief issue is Sir Thomas' demand for cash-back of up to pounds 7,000 for expenses claimed in the four years before the rules were changed in response to the Parliamentary "sleaze" scandal.
Had they (Maoists) reached a consensus on the NA chief issue, it could have been sorted out some 10 days ago," he claimed.
China is mainly getting kid-glove treatment from America's hawks because they've staked their identify on the notion that some jihadist hicks in the frontiers of the Iraq-Pakistan border (oops, I just had a McCain moment) are the chief issue facing humankind.
As soon as President Bush named Judge Alito as his choice for the seat of retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the nominee's history regarding abortion became the chief issue.
FOREIGN ministers of the 19-nation Rio Group political bloc closed a round of talks in Argentina yesterday by declaring the 'war on poverty' as the chief issue on the hemispheric agenda ahead of a Summit of the Americas in November.
The chief issue that we've tried to address here is whether an action that harms civilians like this is right, whether it's wise, whether it actually brings anybody closer to peace".
Two days before the deadline given by the Maoists to the government to address their demands on civilian supremacy and President Ram Baram Yadav's 'unconstitutional' move on Army chief issue, PM Nepal called a meeting of all parties represented in the Constituent Assembly to discuss ways to address the Maoist demands.
A chief issue for Japanese correspondents watching the race is whether Vice President Al Gore would, if elected president, cave in to union pressure to limit Japanese imports of steel and automobiles.

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