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This new offering is a partnership via the founders of two firms that would assure Chieftain become part of the independent Creata global network and would be headed by Chieftain CEO Steve Fontanot, who takes the titles CEO and creative director.
Chieftain Sand owns and operates two frac sand production plants in Wisconsin and Arkansas.
He will arrive at Barmouth on Sunday with The Chieftain for a dedication ceremony at the lifeboat house.
Redhall bought Chieftain, which employs around 600 staff in the region, in late 2008 and says the latest contract is further evidence of the strength of its North East.
The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, is the second in the Teesside area since Chieftain opened for business on the Tees two years ago.
A spokesman for Chieftain said: "We are disappointed with the court's decision, but are still appealing against the original refusal.
Charlie started proceedings against Chieftain, which has an annual turnover of pounds 11m, in 2002 after he found out he was dying.
The Chieftains, a guy recently explained at a Eugene barbershop, are to Irish folk music what the Beatles are to rock 'n' roll.
There are many sex scenes woven into the story as the young teenage chieftain comes of age, mainly as an indication of the role and status of women within the society.
Stirling Provost John Paterson is flying to Florida next month to be chieftain at a Highland games.
As increasing numbers of people from surrounding communities established iron-producing operations in Kelheim, valuable objects may have been stock-piled and the wealth of the chieftain and other "elites" may have surged, Wells suggests.