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This explains why, after eight years of seeking the two chieftaincies to rule, he pressed the Swaziland National Council's Standing Committee to expedite the evictions.
This reviewer often wondered which sources originate from within the Ruhela chieftaincies and which are products of authors writing under the patronage of the enemies and successors of the Ruhelas.
The rise of the modern state has affected chieftaincies, with the emergence of the citizen who does not necessarily have allegiances to a TL.
A reconstruction of the Sawau tribe's history from different oral accounts (tukutuku raraba) and interviews makes it appear certain that by the time the Sawau occupied the hilltop fortification of Navakaisese in central Beqa between the chieftaincies of Ratu Golea and Ratu Drauniivilevu at the end of the eighteenth century, the gift of the vilavilairevo was already their 'exclusive' possession.
Particular attention is paid to the relations developed between chiefs and cattle farmers which we will argue are central to the processes by which certain administrative chieftaincies were created in the late-nineteenth century, and by which Kanak in the Kone region at least entered the broader, territorial 'political' sphere in the second half of the twentieth century.