child born out of wedlock

See: bastard
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Burningham cited legal precedent that the biological father of a child born out of wedlock is bound by Utah's strict filing requirements.
The Supreme Court on Friday refused to grant Japanese citizenship to a child born out of wedlock to a foreign woman and a Japanese man on the grounds the father failed to acknowledge his paternity before the birth.
The refusal to grant the child Japanese nationality was in accord with a government policy stating a child born out of wedlock to a Japanese man and a foreign woman may only acquire Japanese nationality if the father acknowledges paternity before the birth.
On Tuesday, the Tokyo District Court, while turning down a demand for damages by an unmarried couple and their child from Tokyo, ruled that marking a child born out of wedlock differently in a family registry violates privacy rights.
Under Philippine laws, a child born out of wedlock acquires the citizenship of his or her mother.
One of her bodyguards fathered two of her children before they married, and a third child born out of wedlock followed a relationship with a second bodyguard.
The Daniels court defined "out of wedlock" to mean that the father and mother of the child were not married to each other and held that a child born out of wedlock may be a "survivor" under the Wrongful Death Act if the father recognized a responsibility for the child's support even without a legal determination of paternity.
301(1) favors the mother of a child born out of wedlock, the cases interpreting the statute have actually provided greater rights to a putative father than he would have been afforded under Ch.
744, does not define who is a child's "mother" or "father," but does provide that the "mother of a child born out of wedlock is the natural guardian of the child and is entitled to primary residential care and custody of the child unless a court of competent jurisdiction enters an order stating otherwise.
and biological father is foreign is a child born out of wedlock to the
Under the law of the day, the "responsible parent" was the father for a child born in wedlock but the mother for a child born out of wedlock.
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