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Her marriage to another man had been a childless marriage.
But he lived with his wife on such terms that their affectionate childless home life was the admiration of everyone, and arranged his wife's life so that she did nothing and could do nothing but share her husband's efforts that her time should pass as happily and as agreeably as possible.
Crisparkle's sister, another piece of Dresden china, and matching her so neatly that they would have made a delightful pair of ornaments for the two ends of any capacious old-fashioned chimneypiece, and by right should never have been seen apart, was the childless wife of a clergyman holding Corporation preferment in London City.
One by one, her brothers and sister died; and her mother, with the exception of her neglected daughter, was left childless.
Because that, say this week's patronising windbags, is the nightmare awaiting ALL childless women like me.
Women age 40 to 50 in 2014 who were in managerial or professional occupations were more likely to be childless than women of similar age in other occupations.
A CHILDLESS couple in Odisha won a whopping ` 41,000 bid for a pitcher of holy water from the well- known ' Marichi Kunda', a sacred pond near Mukteshwar temple in Bhubaneswar.
Despite being a successful comic actress, a hairstyle icon and with a gorgeous boyfriend on her arm, she has found herself cast as the childless, unmarried victim.
Some Tories say Theresa May wouldn't be an electable leader because she's childless.
This is for the Yvelines General Council to entrust providers implementation of this support for RSA recipients - single people, childless couples, couples with adult children.
New York, July 17 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that married couples with kids cheat more than the childless.
But that's an experience forever forbidden to me and countless other nonparents, as the ban on childless people was enacted about nine years ago.